Three Little Things: Part 2


Last week I mentioned how showing my gratitude to others has impacted me profoundly in recent weeks. The second thing that I recommend if like me you found yourself in a rut is to get out of town.

I love traveling and the past couple of years has been filled with trips that were centered around holidays and life events with various family members. It had been a while since I’d taken a trip purely for pleasure. I was going to take a solo trip to somewhere I had never been and decided to take a long weekend in Montreal. At the last minute I decided to invite my best friend from college and I’m glad I did. We got to reconnect and explore together.

Going someplace new changes your perspective and refreshes your batteries. Whether you go across the world or explore a city two towns over it’s worth making room for a little Wanderlust in your life.


Top ten places to travel to


In keeping with building top ten lists I whittled down my travel bucket list. This was difficult because there are so many places I want to visit, but I really listened to my heart and determined which places are musts for me to see.




3. Scandinavia

4.Montana (Glacier and Yellowstone Parks)


6. Tanzania

7. Spain

8.Danube River (Central and Eastern Europe)

9. Literary England (Bath,Stratford, and York)

10. Brazil

Where are you dying to visit?