365 Project: Recipes 331-345


331. Horseradish Parsnips


Source: Hilah Cooking

Notes: I substituted parsnips for potatoes.

Rating: Liked

332. Baked Salmon with Horseradish Dijon


Source: Original

Notes: I baked salmon for about 10 minutes in parchment and topped it with a dijon and horseradish glaze.

Rating: LOVED

333. Seared Scallops with Persillade


Source: Simple French Paleo

Rating: This was simple and came out beautifully.

Notes: Liked

334. Beef Burgundy


Source: Cooking Price Wise

Notes: This cookbook was written by the actor Vincent Price.

Rating: LOVED

335. Vegetable Stuffing


Source: Delish

Notes: I brought this as a side dish for Thanksgiving.

Rating: Liked

336. Broccoli and Turkey Bacon Salad


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox

Notes: This warm salad was great for a cold day lunch.

Rating: Liked

337. Honey Carrot Soup


Source: Simple French Paleo

Notes: This was a little too sweet for my taste.

Rating: Okay

338. Quinoa Porridge


Source: Eat Yourself Calm

Notes: This was a gluten-free alternative to breakfast cereal.

Rating: Liked

339. Lentil Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce


Source: Original

Notes: I simmered two cans of pumpkin with one can of crushed tomatoes and half a can of coconut milk. I served over lental pasta with veggies and grilled chicken.

Rating: Liked

340. Black Bean and Honey Lime Chicken Bowl


Source: Orginal

I coated chicken in some coconut flour and honey before sauteing with mushrooms and brussle sprouts. I served in a bowl of black beans.

Rating: Liked

341. Cranberry Bean Soup


Source: Rancho Gordo

Notes: I ordered these beans from Rancho Gordo too and highly recommend their products. I found I’m sensitive to canned beans which I assume is the preservatives, but dried beans that I soak or slow cook have been fine.

Rating: LOVED

342. Stuffed Portobello Mushroom


Source: Original

Notes: I baked a portobello mushroom stuffed with black beans, kale, and topped with cheese. It needed more flavor.

Rating: Okay

343. Black Bean Breakfast Bowl


Source: Original

Notes: I sauteed dandelion greens and served with black beans and scrambled eggs.

Rating: Liked

344. Gluten Free Chicken Paprikas


Source: Original

Notes: I adapted this from my great grandmother’s recipe and used gluten-free flour. This wasn’t quite as good as the original. The rice flour made the dumplings a little gummy tasting.

Rating: Liked

345. Muffin Tin Eggs


Source: The Kitchn 

Notes: This is an easy alternative to cooking poached eggs on the stove top which can be tricky.

Rating: Liked

356 Project: Recipes 256-270


Less than 100 recipes to go. Here is another batch.

256. Honey Lavender Peaches


Source: Simple French Paleo

Notes: Three flavors I love!

Rating: LOVED

257. Rosemary Pate


Source: Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

Notes: I had never cooked beef liver before and was surprised that I liked this so much. This lasted me about a week. I stored it in the fridge.

Rating: Liked

258. Rashers and Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Source: Original

Notes: This is the AIP version of one of my favorite breakfasts from when I lived in Ireland. Rashers are Irish bacon. They don’t get extra crispy but I like the slightly different taste. I’m lucky because there is a UK and Irish butcher shop near my office, Meyers of Keswick.

Rating: Liked

259. Orange Garlic Wings


Source: Fed and Fulled 

Notes: These were sweet and tangy.

Rating: Liked

260. Creamy Mushroom Sauce


Source: Original

Notes: I heated coconut milk in a pan with animal fat and garlic. I added sauteed mushrooms and herbs. Coconut milk in the only dairy substitute you can nave on the elimination portion of AIP. The problem with that is everything tastes a little sweet even when it is a savory sauce.

Rating: Okay

261. Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash Pasta


Source: My Plant-Based Family

Notes: I cooked the squash according to the directions in the recipe and served with cooked ground beef and the mushroom sauce I made.

Rating: Liked

262. Raw Cookie Dough Balls


Source: Unbound Wellness

Notes: The cookie recipes I’ve found on AIP are so/so. Since you can’t use eggs and most flours it’s hard to bake. This raw recipe was great though.

Rating: Liked

263. Sauteed Market Greens


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I altered this a bit after listening to the Autoimmune Wellness Podcast. They suggested adding anchovies to sauteed greens to get some extra fatty acids in.

Rating: Liked

264. Oysters with Mignonette Sauce


Source: Tasting Room

Notes: I steamed oysters and served with this sauce.

Rating: Liked

265. Broiled Ceaser Salad


Source: Adventures in the Kitchen

Notes: The lettuce was too soggy after broiling.

Rating: Okay

266. Blueberry Banana Smoothie


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I also added spirulina to get some greens in.

Rating: Liked

267. Macaroons


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I added carob powder to get a chocolate like taste.

Rating: LOVED

268. Beef and Butternut Squash Stew


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: Instead of cooking on the stove I made this in the crockpot on low for 8 hours.

Rating: Liked

269. Coconut Chicken Salad


Source: Original

Notes: I coated grilled chicken with coconut flour and honey then rolled in coconut flakes. I cooked in an oiled saucepan till the coconut was crusted and served with an arugula salad with a vinegarette dressing.

Rating: Liked

270. Hot Carob


Source: Unbound Wellness 

Notes: Carob, unfortunately, doesn’t have quite the same taste as chocolate.

Rating: Okay

Mindful Monday: A New Challenge


About a year ago I broke out into hives and never figured out why. A couple of months ago I woke up and my left eyelid had swollen half way shut. I was told at urgent care this was most likely a delayed allergic reaction. Antihistamines cleared up both the hives and the eyelid, but since it happened twice I was referred to an allergist specialist.

Based on my history and symptoms she didn’t think it was a food or environmental allergy. Instead of testing me for reactions to common allergens she recommended that we first do some blood work to rule out autoimmune diseases. She was able to rule out serious diseases such as Lupis but my ANA test did come back positive. This means that my allergic reactions are the result of healthy cells being attacked by my immune system from time to time. An ANA test can sometimes come back positive in a person who doesn’t have any autoimmune issues. However, since I have been diagnosed with psoriasis and mild rosacea in the past my doctor has ruled this out as a false positive. Psoriasis and rosacea are also autoimmune diseases and it’s not uncommon for someone with one autoimmune disease to develop more as time goes on.

My allergist feels that since my breakouts are not frequent I don’t need to be on antihistamines on a daily basis unless my I start having more episodes. Since I’m currently not exhibiting any clear signs of another specific autoimmune disease I’m waiting until my next appointment with my primary care physician so I can go over my labs with her and see if there are specific tests or specialists I should be consulting with.

Right now this isn’t a big deal, however, I know what autoimmune diseases run in my family and I’m a big fan of being proactive vs reactive when it comes to health issues. So after going over some resources that were recommended to me, I decided to try The Autoimmune Protocol or Paleo program. This is very similar to people who follow a paleo or whole 30 plan except it is much more restrictive. You cut out all foods that can cause inflammation and after 30 days you slowly start reintroducing them one at a time. You keep a log of your symptoms and how you are feeling each day. When you have a reaction to something it’s a sign that you want to avoid that food.

I’m over a week into the elimination portion of the program and it’s hard. You are limited to any meats and fish that are fresh and don’t have any additives or hormones and any fruits or vegetables as long as they aren’t nightshades. This means no grains, no seeds, nothing processed, no eggs, and no dairy. I’m lucky that I live in NYC and have access to butchers, fish markets, and farmers markets which makes meal planning much easier.

There are three things that make this plan challenging for me.

1.It is animal protein based: I’ve gone through spurts of eating a vegetarian diet. I started eating meat again this winter around the time of my surgery because my iron levels were so low and my body wasn’t absorbing supplements. I’ve been off iron for a few months now since I’m no longer anemic and had been eating less and less dairy. I was hoping to go full vegetarian again and perhaps eventually vegan but that doesn’t seem possible right now. I have a lot of guilt around eating meat which I shouldn’t because I was raised an omnivore so this isn’t a new concept to me. While meat is encouraged at every meal on the AI Paleo plan I’m following the suggested plan for people who aren’t used to eating a lot of meat. I typical day for me has one meat meal, one seafood meal, and a vegan meal which is usually soup and a salad or a breakfast shake with coconut milk for a little fat and protein.

2. It is challenging to eat out: A lot of my socializing is around meeting friends for a meal. This program makes it challenging to eat out. I generally have to limit myself to a salad and make sure there are no nightshades like tomatoes on it and do a vinegarette or oil and vinegar for the dressing. The other alternative is getting a meat and vegetable dish as long as I can get it without condiments or marinades that may contain nuts, seeds, or nightshades.

3. You can’t have coffee. Beans and legumes are also off limits which includes coffee beans. 😦 Caffeine is allowed in the form of tea. I like tea but I LOVE coffee and I’m still having a hard time with this elimination.

In all my posts about health, I must emphasize that I’m not a medical expert or doctor. I would like to share the resources that I am finding the most helpful right now:

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook 

The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast

The Paleo Mom

Simple French Paleo

A Squirrel in the Kitchen