365 Project: Recipes 346-365


Just in time for the end of the year. Here are the final recipes from my 365 challenge.

346. Lemon Dijon Slaw


Source: Original

Notes: I mixed shredded cabbage with a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and three parts dijon to one part vegan mayo.

Rating: LOVED

347. Huevos Rancheros Casserole


Source: Alaska from Scratch 

Notes: This versatile dish can be served for breakfast or dinner.

Rating: Liked

348. Navy Bean Soup


Source: My Recipes

Notes: I substituted Navy beans for Flageolet beans.

Rating: Liked

349. Wait Until Dark and Stormy


Source: Gone with the Gin 

Notes: This book has twists on classic cocktails that are all movie themed.

Rating: LOVED

350. Herb Egg Wrap


Source: Original

Notes: This was an egg, mozzarella, mushrooms, and kale and tucked in a brown rice wrap.

Rating: Liked

351. Cider and Clove Ham


Source: Food and Wine

Notes: I used the leftovers for sandwiches.

Rating: Liked

352. Pink Lemon Drop Martini


Source: Original

Notes: This was 1 oz citrus vodka, 1 oz lemon liquor, 1/2 oz of vermouth, and topped with pink lemonade.

Rating: LOVED

353. Dinomint Smoothie


Source: Original

Notes: This smoothie was dinosaur kale, spirulina, mint, and pineapple blended with protein powder and coconut milk.

Rating: Liked

354. Invasion of the Toddy Snatchers


Source: Gone with the Gin 

Notes: This was a variation of a Hot Toddy.

Rating: LOVED

355. Steamed Balsamic Breakfast


Source: Original

Notes: I’ve been playing around with different ways to poach eggs and the steamer basket is my favorite. I also steamed kale and mushrooms and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Rating: Liked

356. “Peanut Noodles”


Source: Kelley and Cricket

Notes: This is a paleo version of one of my favorite Asian dishes.

Rating: LOVED

357. Sloopy in Seatle


Source: Gone with the Gin 

Notes: This is an espresso cocktail. It wasn’t as good as an Irish Coffee.

Rating: Okay

358. Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Source: Original

Notes: Gluten-free baking is always trial and error. This was error. These came out way too thin and burned as a result.

Notes: Pass

359. Chocolate Clementine Shake


Source: Original

Notes: This was two clementines, chocolate protein powder, kale, and filtered water.

Notes: Liked

360. Garlic and Herb Ghee Steak


Source: Original

Notes: I melted ghee and garlic in a pan then cooked a steak with parsley and tarragon.

Rating: Liked

361. Sweet and Tangy Chicken Salad


Source: Original

Notes: I mixed vegan mayo, dijon, siracha, and horseradish and tossed with chicken and dried cranberry.

Rating: LOVED

362. Palacsinta


Source: Original

Notes: I adapted my grandmother’s recipe to make this gluten-free. I used rice flour and date sugar in place of white flour and processed sugar. This is like making pancakes or crepes but so much lighter. My grandma recommends letting the dough sit for a couple of hours and adding a cup of seltzer before putting the batter in the pan. You can fill them with meat, Nutella, or your favorite fillings. I do what my grandma did which was fill some with cottage cheese and some with jam.

Rating: LOVED

363. Asparagus Skillet

IMG_9947 2


Source: Primavera Kitchen

Notes: This was an easy low carb dinner.

Rating: LOVED

364. Green Bean and Quinoa Salad


Source: French Market Cookbook

Notes: I substituted quinoa in place of red rice.

Rating: LOVED

365.Coconut Curry


Source: Orginal

Notes: I sauteed chicken and cauliflower in coconut oil. When cooked through I added 1 tsp of cumin, 1 tsp of coriander, 1 tsp of curry powder, 1/2 tsp of cloves, tarragon and a can of reduced fat coconut milk. I let it boil and covered and reduced to a simmer for 10 minutes. I added 2 tsp of tapioca starch to thicken the sauce.

Rating: LOVED

365 Project: Recipes 331-345


331. Horseradish Parsnips


Source: Hilah Cooking

Notes: I substituted parsnips for potatoes.

Rating: Liked

332. Baked Salmon with Horseradish Dijon


Source: Original

Notes: I baked salmon for about 10 minutes in parchment and topped it with a dijon and horseradish glaze.

Rating: LOVED

333. Seared Scallops with Persillade


Source: Simple French Paleo

Rating: This was simple and came out beautifully.

Notes: Liked

334. Beef Burgundy


Source: Cooking Price Wise

Notes: This cookbook was written by the actor Vincent Price.

Rating: LOVED

335. Vegetable Stuffing


Source: Delish

Notes: I brought this as a side dish for Thanksgiving.

Rating: Liked

336. Broccoli and Turkey Bacon Salad


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox

Notes: This warm salad was great for a cold day lunch.

Rating: Liked

337. Honey Carrot Soup


Source: Simple French Paleo

Notes: This was a little too sweet for my taste.

Rating: Okay

338. Quinoa Porridge


Source: Eat Yourself Calm

Notes: This was a gluten-free alternative to breakfast cereal.

Rating: Liked

339. Lentil Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce


Source: Original

Notes: I simmered two cans of pumpkin with one can of crushed tomatoes and half a can of coconut milk. I served over lental pasta with veggies and grilled chicken.

Rating: Liked

340. Black Bean and Honey Lime Chicken Bowl


Source: Orginal

I coated chicken in some coconut flour and honey before sauteing with mushrooms and brussle sprouts. I served in a bowl of black beans.

Rating: Liked

341. Cranberry Bean Soup


Source: Rancho Gordo

Notes: I ordered these beans from Rancho Gordo too and highly recommend their products. I found I’m sensitive to canned beans which I assume is the preservatives, but dried beans that I soak or slow cook have been fine.

Rating: LOVED

342. Stuffed Portobello Mushroom


Source: Original

Notes: I baked a portobello mushroom stuffed with black beans, kale, and topped with cheese. It needed more flavor.

Rating: Okay

343. Black Bean Breakfast Bowl


Source: Original

Notes: I sauteed dandelion greens and served with black beans and scrambled eggs.

Rating: Liked

344. Gluten Free Chicken Paprikas


Source: Original

Notes: I adapted this from my great grandmother’s recipe and used gluten-free flour. This wasn’t quite as good as the original. The rice flour made the dumplings a little gummy tasting.

Rating: Liked

345. Muffin Tin Eggs


Source: The Kitchn 

Notes: This is an easy alternative to cooking poached eggs on the stove top which can be tricky.

Rating: Liked

365 Project: Recipes 316-330


We’re heading into the end of this project. The final three posts for this project are coming at you this week. Here are recipes 316-330.

316. Sweet Potato and Shrimp Skillet


Source: Primavera Kitchen

Notes: This was a combo I would not have come up on my own. I think of shrimp as something you serve with summer veggies so this was a nice twist on seasonal eating.

Rating: Liked

317. Red Wine Beet Pasta


Source: Original

Notes: I spiraled beets and sauteed in olive oil and red wine. I tossed in grilled chicken, pecans, and sauteed mushrooms.

Rating: Liked

318. Turkey Cranberry Salad

IMG_2559 2


Source: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Notes: I liked the salad and the pomegranate dressing was out of this world.

Rating: Liked

319. Harvest Chicken Skillet


Source: Original

Notes: I sauteed sweet potatoes, apple, brussel sprouts, and chicken over coconut oil.

Rating: Liked

320. Apple Ginger Green Smoothie


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook

Notes: I tend to do less smoothies and protein shakes once the weather is cold, but the apple and ginger combo is great for the season.

Rating: Liked

321: Cauliflower Thanksgiving Stuffing



Source: Original

Notes: This is an AIP version of Thanksgiving favorites. I sauteed shallots, celery, carrots, and riced cauliflower and tossed with grilled turkey breast.

Rating: LOVED

322. Sweet Potato Bisque


Source: Living Well Kitchen 

Notes: LOVED

Rating: This is dairy free but tastes so creamy that you wouldn’t know.

323. Lime Chicken Bowl


Source: The Recipe Critic 

Notes: I served this on a bed of lettuce and cabbage.

Rating: Liked

324. Chicken Enchilada Casserole


Source: Jo Cooks 

Notes: This was an easy casserole to serve at a dinner party.

Rating: Liked

325. Slow Cooker Beef Tacos


Source: The Frugal Foodie Mama

Notes: This has three ingredients and couldn’t be easier.

Rating: Liked

326. Parsnip, Carrot, Apple Soup


Source: Happy Hearted Kitchen

Notes: Great fall flavors and the apples make this a little sweet.

Rating: Liked

327. Horseradish Mustard Chicken


Source: Original

Notes: I basted this chicken in coconut oil, horseradish, dijon, and Herbs de Provence before baking at 350.

Rating: LOVED

328. Coconut Creamed Spinach


Source:  Aim True

Notes: One of the best side dishes I’ve ever had. I’ve made this a few times now.

Rating: LOVED

329. Lemon Caper Chicken


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox

Notes: This was very simple to make for a weeknight dinner.

Rating: Liked

330. Fall Sautee Bowl


Source: Original

Notes: I sauteed turkey, kale, mushrooms, apple, and delicata squash.

Rating: Liked



365 Project: Recipes 301-315


Sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently. I have some exciting announcements coming in the near future which will explain that. In the meantime, though we’re getting to towards the end of 365 project. Here are 15 more recipes. Some of them may prove to be good for some last minute Thanksgiving inspiration.

301. Cherry Carob Shake


Source: Original

Notes: While on AIP I couldn’t do chocolate so I did a shake with carob powder, cherries, and coconut milk. If you are doing AIP you can also add collagen protein.

Rating: Liked

302. Rosemary Roasted Radishes


Source: Eat the Gains 

Notes: These were an amazing substitute for roasted potatoes.

Rating: LOVED

303. Tarragon Steak


Source: Original

Notes: I made a dry rub with tarragon, salt, and thyme and pan seared a steak in coconut oil for four minutes per side.

Rating: Liked

304. Cranberry Fig Ice Cream


Source: Autoimmune Wellness

Notes: This was more tart than sweet.

Rating: Okay

305. Pumpkin Sausage Soup


Source: Beyond the Bite

Notes: I made this in the crockpot for 8 hours on low heat.

Rating: LOVED

306. Saffron Shake


Source: Unicorn Kitchen 

Notes: I adapted to this to make it AIP compliant. I used coconut milk products and omitted the cardamom.

Rating: Liked

307. Crispy Orange Pork


Source: Real Everything

Notes: I have been finding that I am really sensitive to soy which is in almost every Chinese dish. This AIP recipe satisfies that craving.

Rating: Liked

308. Butternut Squash Fries


Source: Cute Fetti 

Notes: I also sprinkled a little nutritional yeast on these.

Rating: LOVED

309. Turmeric Shake


Source: Lifeway Keifer 

Notes: I did coconut milk instead of Keifer.

Rating: Okay

310. Fall Egg Bake


Source: 40 Aprons

Notes: This would be amazing for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning breakfast.

Rating: LOVED

311. Sunchoke and Asparagus Salad


Source: Well and Good

Notes: More of a spring recipe but still tasty.

Rating: Liked

312. Sole Almondine


Source: Closet Cooking 

Notes: I used sole instead of trout.

Rating: Liked

313. Lamb Meatballs with Garlic and Spinach


Source: AutoImmune Cookbook

Notes: I would try this with beef or turkey in the future.

Rating: Liked

314. Broccoli Leek Soup

IMG_4523 2

Source: Sweetpeas and Saffron 

Notes: I made this in the slow cooker on low for 7 hours.

Rating: Liked

315. Carob Coconut Ice Cream

IMG_5767 2

Source: Original

Notes: I mixed carob powder, coconut milk, and carob chips in an ice cream maker. This would work better with chocolate or if I had added sugar or natural sweetener. Carob is too bitter.

Rating: Pass




365 Project: Recipes 286-300


286. Garlic Chicken Livers


Source: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook 

Notes: I bought a whole chicken for a different recipe and it was nice to use the organ meat so nothing went to waste.

Rating: Liked

287. Curried Cauliflower


Source: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook 

Notes: I had been craving Indian food and this side dish satisfied the craving while staying on the AIP plan.

Rating: Liked

288. Herb Roasted Chicken


Source: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook 

Notes: This was yummy and kept well for leftovers throughout the week.

Rating: Liked

289. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie


Source: Original

Notes: This was half a can of pumpkin, coconut milk, and 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Rating: Liked

290. Earl Grey Carob Truffles


Source: Vintage Tea Party Treasury 

Notes: To make this AIP compliant I used carob instead of chocolate and coconut cream instead of dairy cream. The substitutes made this better suited to forming into round truffles instead of stamping.

Rating: Liked

291. Blueberry and Greens Smoothie


Source: Original

Notes: I have found I’m liking blueberries and blackberries in smoothies more so than raspberries or strawberries. This also had arugula, spinach, and spirulina.

Rating: Liked

292. Balsamic Beef Stew


Source: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook 

Notes: I made this in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours instead of the stove top.

Rating: Liked

293. Salmon Salad


Source: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook 

Notes: I substituted celery for olives.

Rating: Liked

294. Sweet Potato Mug Cake


Source: A Girl Worth Saving

Notes: I used canned sweet potato instead of pumpkin.

Rating: Liked

295. Fall Fruit and Green Smoothie


Source: Original

Notes: This was Spirulina, arugula, pear, and apple.

Rating: Liked

296. Butternut Squash Bake


Source: The Autoimmune Wellness Handback

Notes: This is listed as a breakfast recipe but I made this for dinner.

Rating: LOVED

297. Sweet Potato Smoothie


Source: Original

Notes: This was half a can of sweet potato, coconut concentrate, coconut milk, cinnamon, and a dash of salt.

Rating: Liked

298. Ginger Apple Cider Vinigarette


Source: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook 

Notes: This is has been a great fall salad dressing.

Rating: LOVED

299. Fall Chicken Salad


Source: Original

Notes: This was spinach and baby kale, grilled chicken, pears, and dried bing cherries. I served this with the Ginger Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

300. Honey Garlic Shrimp


Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction 

Notes: This was made on my first day of reintroducing foods on AIP. I was reintroducing eggs so I made fried “rice” with broccoli, egg, and carrots.

Rating: Liked

365 Project: Recipes 271-285


271. Cherry BBQ Sauce


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I was skeptical making BBQ sauce out of cherries instead of tomatoes but the onions add to the smokiness and this was quite tasty.

Rating: Liked

272. Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken


Source: Natasha’s Kitchen 

Notes: I used the cherry BBQ sauce I made with this recipe.

Rating: Liked

273. Rosemary Carrots and Parsnips


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I found that the parsnips cooked a lot faster than the carrots and wished that I had made them in separate batches.

Rating: Okay

274. Carmel Apple Parfait


Source: Savory Lotus

Notes: This was an easy and healthy dessert.

Rating: LOVED

275. Ginger Cucumber Salad


Source: Original

Notes: I made a vinaigrette with ginger, white wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt.

Rating: Liked

276. Zucchini Chips


Source: The Wholesome Dish 

Notes: I used baby zucchinis so they got even crispier.

Rating: Liked

277. Shrimp Salad with Basil-Lime Vinaigrette


Source: Original

Notes: I served shrimp, pineapple, and mango on a bed of arugula. The vinaigrette was avocado oil, white wine vinegar, basil, and lime juice.

Rating: Liked

278. Carob Shake


Source: Original

Notes: I made this shake with coconut milk, banana, and carob powder.

Rating: Liked

279. Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops


Source: Original

Notes: I sauteed apples in a pan of coconut oil and served on top of a pork chop I pan cooked after rubbing in cinnamon and salt.

Rating: Liked

280. Apple Broccoli Rice


Source: Original

Notes: I lightly sauteed riced broccoli, apples, and celery.

Rating: Liked

281. Carob Cherry Cookies


Source: Auto Immune Wellness 

Notes: These cookies don’t keep well. I ended up throwing out the rest of the batch the next day because they tasted funny.

Rating: Okay

282. Maple Parsnip Fries


Source: Bakeaholic Mama

Notes: These were out of this world. A nice alternative to sweet potato fries when you want a different taste.

Rating: LOVED

283. Garlic and Herb Pork Chops


Source: Real Everything 

Notes: This was more savory than the previous pork chop recipe I made.

Rating: Liked

284. Homemade Mounds Bars


Source: Not Enough Cinnamon 

Notes: I liked these better than Mounds bars. They are rich so one is satisfying.

Rating: LOVED

285. Coconut Shrimp


Source: Paleo Grubs

Notes: I served this with broccoli rice.

Rating: LOVED

356 Project: Recipes 256-270


Less than 100 recipes to go. Here is another batch.

256. Honey Lavender Peaches


Source: Simple French Paleo

Notes: Three flavors I love!

Rating: LOVED

257. Rosemary Pate


Source: Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

Notes: I had never cooked beef liver before and was surprised that I liked this so much. This lasted me about a week. I stored it in the fridge.

Rating: Liked

258. Rashers and Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Source: Original

Notes: This is the AIP version of one of my favorite breakfasts from when I lived in Ireland. Rashers are Irish bacon. They don’t get extra crispy but I like the slightly different taste. I’m lucky because there is a UK and Irish butcher shop near my office, Meyers of Keswick.

Rating: Liked

259. Orange Garlic Wings


Source: Fed and Fulled 

Notes: These were sweet and tangy.

Rating: Liked

260. Creamy Mushroom Sauce


Source: Original

Notes: I heated coconut milk in a pan with animal fat and garlic. I added sauteed mushrooms and herbs. Coconut milk in the only dairy substitute you can nave on the elimination portion of AIP. The problem with that is everything tastes a little sweet even when it is a savory sauce.

Rating: Okay

261. Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash Pasta


Source: My Plant-Based Family

Notes: I cooked the squash according to the directions in the recipe and served with cooked ground beef and the mushroom sauce I made.

Rating: Liked

262. Raw Cookie Dough Balls


Source: Unbound Wellness

Notes: The cookie recipes I’ve found on AIP are so/so. Since you can’t use eggs and most flours it’s hard to bake. This raw recipe was great though.

Rating: Liked

263. Sauteed Market Greens


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I altered this a bit after listening to the Autoimmune Wellness Podcast. They suggested adding anchovies to sauteed greens to get some extra fatty acids in.

Rating: Liked

264. Oysters with Mignonette Sauce


Source: Tasting Room

Notes: I steamed oysters and served with this sauce.

Rating: Liked

265. Broiled Ceaser Salad


Source: Adventures in the Kitchen

Notes: The lettuce was too soggy after broiling.

Rating: Okay

266. Blueberry Banana Smoothie


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I also added spirulina to get some greens in.

Rating: Liked

267. Macaroons


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: I added carob powder to get a chocolate like taste.

Rating: LOVED

268. Beef and Butternut Squash Stew


Source: Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Notes: Instead of cooking on the stove I made this in the crockpot on low for 8 hours.

Rating: Liked

269. Coconut Chicken Salad


Source: Original

Notes: I coated grilled chicken with coconut flour and honey then rolled in coconut flakes. I cooked in an oiled saucepan till the coconut was crusted and served with an arugula salad with a vinegarette dressing.

Rating: Liked

270. Hot Carob


Source: Unbound Wellness 

Notes: Carob, unfortunately, doesn’t have quite the same taste as chocolate.

Rating: Okay