Readers Choice: Tell Me What You’re Interested In

I started ModSpinster over two & a half years ago. It has gone through several cosmetic changes and variations on the content. I have other projects I’m currently working on and I was curious if any readers were interested in these topics too.

I’m doing my first readers poll to see if any of my other projects would be of interest to ModSpinster subscribers so I can decide what to and not to incorporate here. Thank’s for participating!




Relaunch Photo

For those who have been following me for a while, you may remember Mod Spinster’s old site. I launched it last year at this time and it went through different iterations and content focuses. Rather than constantly updating the site and changing focus frequently, I decided this fall to take some time off. I wasn’t posting, but I was setting up a new site and spending time thinking about what I really wanted to write about on this platform. That doesn’t mean that I’ll never change direction again, but I have a clear vision for 2016 and I’m excited to be back.

I’ve included posts from the previous sites that were reader favorites and will be adding back some additional archive content over time that fits in with the new site. Thanks for coming back or joining us for the first time.