Happy new year

Paula Wine

Several months ago I posted that I was going to be shutting down this blog and starting a new one. Well plans have changed a little.

I have launched a new site, which I hope you will check out. www.nycpaula.com is where I will be posting about everything New York. So if you live in NYC, are planning a visit, or are an armchair traveler I hope you’ll check it out. I’m posting about things that are off the beaten path. You’ll find restaurant reviews, museum exhibit recaps, stores and events that you’d only find in NYC.

It wasn’t my original intention to continue with ModSpinster, but as I was building my new site I received some feedback from existing readers and from people who discovered some of my posts through word of mouth. People were interested in reading my past articles on recipes I tried, bullet journaling ideas, etc. Those topics don’t fit in to my new site so I’ve decided to keep ModSpinster going. I’ll be posting everything that is not NYC specific here.

I was touched to hear from people who said they missed reading this blog. As a writer I live in a bit of a bubble where whether I post a blog piece or get an article published I assume that other than myself the only ones who read it are friends and family I have badgered. So thank you for reading. I hope you check out NYC Paula too.

Happy New Year!

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