Reintroductions: AIP Protocol


Last month I wrote about how I was doing the Autoimmune version of paleo to see what is causing my allergic reactions and inflammation. It has been challenging in some ways and easier in others. I still am having a hard time with no coffee and living in NYC this does make eating at restaurants challenging. On, the positive side, I feel good and this has really encouraged me to tackle some things in the kitchen I wouldn’t have attempted in the past. While buying hormone-free meat and pantry staples and health food stores may seem pricey because I’m eating out less and I’m only cooking for myself I have found that I’ve been saving money on my weekly food bill.

I recently began the slow process of reintroducing foods. This takes a while because you can only introduce one new food to your diet at a time and you need to give yourself three days in between introductions so that if you have a delayed reaction you know what causes it. You also are encouraged to reintroduce foods in a certain order. You start with the things that most people don’t have a reaction to and work your way up to foods that are harder to bring back. So far I’ve successfully reintroduced eggs, cardamom, anise, and alcohol in small quantities.   I keep a symptom journal to track any changes during each addition. Mustard and Almonds are what I’ll be trying to reintroduce this coming week. I can’t wait for coffee but that’s not until later.


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