Wanderlust Wednesday: My Favorite NYC Runs


The North Woods in Central Park 


Earlier this week I spoke about breaking out of a running rut by switching up my routes. I’m spoiled by living in NYC with a number of amazing parks and trails. I wanted to share some of my favorites trails that you should check out next time you’re in the Big Apple. Even if you’re not a runner these are delightful walks.

1. Cherry Walk (Riverside Park): This narrow trail is along the Hudson River and takes you from the Upper West Side to Harlem. You have to commit to this run because there is no way off the trail until you reach the end. The best time of year for this route is spring because as its name suggests it is particularly lovely when the cherry trees are in bloom.

2. The North Woods (Central Park): Lovely trails, waterfalls, and wildlife make you forget you’re in the heart of Manhattan.

3.The Reservoir (Central Park) If you want to run on a flat surface this trail is great and the views are spectacular.

4. The Inner Loop (Prospect Park) This is a go to if I’m training for an organized race. It’s marked with distance points so it’s easy to track your distance.

5. Fort Greene Park This is a smaller park compared to others on the list but you can cover the entire park in a short time.

6. Riverside Park South This is another river run but it’s easy to switch up your routine by heading inland to the park at points or outward on the docks.

7. Inwood Hill Park This park is at the top of Manhattan just below the Bronx. There are lots of up hill runs and lovely views of vistas across the Hudson.

8. The Peninsula (Prospect Park) If you want to enjoy some nature on your run through Prospect Park this is an alternative to the loop run.

9. The Boardwalk (Coney Island) I love running here early mornings in the summer. It’s right along the beach and is sleepy before the swimmers and sun bathers hit the sand.

10. Harlem Meer (Central Park) The south side of Central Park can be flooded with tourist on nice days. This Northeast corner of the park is low key and the path along the pond and willow trees is beautiful.



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