365 Project: Recipes 196-210


Here is the latest batch of recipes from the challenge. I’ve crossed the 200 recipe mark!

186. Apricot Vinegarette


Source: Aim True 

Notes: This was a great end of summer salad dressing.

Rating: Liked

187. Strawberry Daiquiri Smoothie


Source:  Aim True 

Notes: Despite the name of this drink it is alcohol-free.

Rating: Liked

188. Apricot Bulgur Salad


Source Aim True 

Notes: I adapted this from Kathryn Budig’s recipe. I used bulgur instead of red quinoa.

Rating: LOVED

199. Tempeh with Blackberry Hoisin Sauce


Source: The Little Book of Fruits and Vegetables 

Notes: I made this recipe vegetarian by using tempeh instead of chicken. I served this with steamed broccoli and peppers.

Rating: Liked

200. Orange Blossom Detox Shake


Source: Original

Notes: I blended dandelion greens, arugula, and spirulina with orange blossom water and distilled water.

Rating: Liked

201. Debutante Cocktail


Source: The Fashionable Cocktail 

Notes: I love cocktail bars and thought doing some more drinks at home and learning how to make some more obscure drinks might be a fun addition to this project. This drink is gin based.

Rating: LOVED

202. Egg White Breakfast Wrap


Source: Original

Notes: I scrambled egg whites with soy cheese, peppers, and arugula in a frying pan and served in a whole wheat wrap.

Rating: Liked

203. Summer Veggie Pasta


Source: Cooking Light 

Notes: I omitted the sausage from this recipe and used whole wheat rigatoni.

Rating: LOVED

204. Chocolate and Pear Quesadilla


Source: Weight Watchers  

Notes: This was a quick and easy dessert to make.

Rating: Liked

205. Pear Cider


Source: Original

Notes: I blended fresh pear, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, juice from half a lemon, and 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon.

Rating: Liked

206. Veggie Scramble and Sweet Potato Hash


Source: Original

Notes: I scrambled egg whites, almond cheese, peppers, and arugula together. In a separate pan, I cooked a grated sweet potato in coconut oil.

Rating: Liked

207. Horne Brothers’ Sandwich


Source: Reel Fancy Dinners 

Notes: I love the show Twin Peaks and served up some themed food and cocktails for the final that recently aired.

Rating: Liked

208.Black Yukon Sucker Punch


Source: James O 

Notes: I liked this more than an Irish Coffee.

Rating: LOVED

209. Leland Palmer


Source: Reel Fancy Dinners 

Notes: Sometimes I find a traditional Arnold Palmer too sweet. I liked this because it was lemon juice instead of lemonade.

Rating: LOVED

210. Tomato Party


Source: Plenty 

Notes: I’m taking advantage of the last days of summers by scooping up the last of the tomatoes, stone fruits, and berries at my local farmers’ markets.

Rating: Liked

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