Creating Your Own Manifesto


Here is one from the archives of the old site. I wanted to revive it to see if this manifesto still spoke to me two and a half years later. It does.

I’m a fan of Creative Mornings which is a breakfast lecture series in over 250 cities across the world. The talks are so popular that there is often a waiting list. The New York chapter used to have field trips to local companies for people who are on the lecture wait list. In 2015 I attended a field trip at Holstee whose company manifesto is now famous.

The field trip was to encourage people to write a personal manifesto for themselves or their business. I want to eventually pen one for ModSpinster, but I thought it was important to write one for myself first. Why write a personal manifesto? Businesses have mission statements which they hopefully hold themselves accountable to. Shouldn’t we have something similar in our personal lives? I like the idea of using this when I’m faced with decisions or a crossroad to make sure the choice I’m making rings true to what I hold at my core.

There is no right or wrong way to write a manifesto. I distilled a list of beliefs, wants and truths into mine. I’m going to share mine and hope you’ll be inspired to write your own.  

Paula’s Manifesto

Karma exists, what you put out into the universe will come back to you tenfold. When it comes to empathy and random acts of kindness a small gesture can be huge to the person receiving it. Tell and show people you love that you love them often. You never know when you won’t have the opportunity to anymore. Never do something because you expect to get something out of it. If you have no expectations you’ll have no disappointments.

Go to bed each night feeling like you’ve made a difference in at least one person’s life. Travel around the world to see incredible sights, listen to people’s stories, taste local flavors, capture memories through smell, and tell the wonders you’ve experienced to others. Be the type of person people speak well of. Care less about what other people think and trying to please everyone. Treat your body like an instrument. Leep it in tune and love it for all its unique qualities. 

People aren’t defined by their jobs or careers, but by their hearts. If you put your energy into efforts where you aren’t valued or that you don’t value you’ll come out of the experience empty. Friends are the most valuable possession which is why they can’t be owned. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable makes us stronger. If you do what you love happiness will follow.

What’s your manifesto?


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