10 Years with the Love of My Life


Since this site is called ModSpinster one could easily come to the conclusion that I’m not into commitment. In reality, I’m an incredibly committed person. I commit to work, friendships, and personal projects that bring me fulfillment and where I feel I’m making an equal contribution. I haven’t experience that sustained feeling in a romantic relationship which is why I’m comfortable with being single.

Lincoln Center

There is one particular relationship that I’d like to acknowledge today. I’ve been in love with them from a far for years and our paths did cross from time to time. Ten years ago today was the start of my committing to that partnership so it felt right to give it some public love. A decade ago I moved to NYC and they say once you’ve lived here for 10 years that makes you a New Yorker.

Skyline NYC

Like any relationship, there is give and take and no partner is perfect. There are things about New York that I still find irritating such as the cost of living, the tourist traps that are flooded with people, winter days where it’s freezing and the sidewalks are a sheet of ice, stepping onto a subway car in the beastly heat of summer and realizing there is no AC and someone peed in it. I could go on, but you may be wondering why would I or anyone want to live in such a place. Simple, it’s the most amazing city on earth.

Washington Square

For every negative, I listed there are at least a dozen positives that make up for it. I live on the Upper West Side which means my backyard and running paths are Central Park and Riverside park, two of the loveliest places in the world. I enjoy take out and dine in from every cuisine imaginable. Some of the most memorable experiences of my life have taken place in NYC including swinging from a trapeze, dancing on a Broadway stage, watching incredible live performances from geniuses of dance, music, acting, and prose, I’ve made some incredible friends while living here, again I could go on forever.


I can’t predict what the future will bring and if I’ll be here for the rest of my life or not, but I do know it would take a lot for me to love. New York is not for everyone, but the city with all its faults and wonders speaks to my heart more than most people I’ve encountered. Words fail me so as Carrie Bradshaw said in the season five opener of Sex and the City, “…you only get one great love, New York may just be mine.” I love you, New York.


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