Wanderlust Wednesday: Aura Photography


So you can do just about anything in NYC. One thing that several of my friends already have done has had their aura photographed. I was curious so I asked another friend if she was interested in going to try it. We went to a store in Manhattan’s Chinatown called Magic Jewelry to try it.

You place your hands on sensors while you get your photograph taken. It’s like getting a Polaroid except splotches of color appear on across your photo. In groups of six, the reader will lay out the photos and go through what they mean. She explained that aura colors relate to chakra colors which I am a bit familiar with.

In my photo, there is mostly blue and purple which has to do with the throat and third eye chakras. She said that since my face is blue I have a job where I have to communicate with lots of different people and that the purple and pink hues around me meant that I was an intuitive person who cares about people. She guesses that I did some sort of work where I was serving or helping people but not in a physical way. Which she explained as “you’re not a doctor or anything medical but you do something to help people with businesses.” That is what I do.

The reader said if a color shows up on the left which is the left side of the photo so the color would appear by your right shoulder it signifies something in the past. If something shows up on the right side of the photo by your left shoulder it is something that will happen in the future. I had a bit of green on the past side of my photo. She said I went through a change about six months ago that I have mixed feelings about. Which assuming I believe in aura photography I would take that to mean the removal of my lap band which is something I’m still processing and in my mind, I haven’t decided if the pros or the cons win on this one.

She also said that the lack of color at the top of the photo means that I’m struggling with what it is I want to do next. She explained, “You have a lot of interests and thoughts. The best thing you could do is write out everything you think you want and prioritize what it is that you really want.” She then asked if I had trouble sleeping and that if when I do fall asleep if I had crazy vivid dreams. Those are both true. She said it’s because I think too much and I need to learn how to just make up my mind and let everything else I don’t need to focus on, go.

I’m not a subscriber to any one particular ideology and I really am only a denier if I perceive something to be hateful or harmful, this wasn’t at all. Honestly, is making a list and spending some time thinking about what kind of future I’d like to build a bad idea? Is that a bad idea for anyone? Okay, I’m game to try it.

If you’re curious about the specifics of what aura photography is this New York Times article gives a great and objective overview.

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