Summer Capsule Wardrobe


If you are a Pinterest junkie like me you’ve probably seen all of these pins on building a capsule wardrobe. So what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? Capsule wardrobes are the idea around minimizing your closet. If you’re like me you suffer from the problem of a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I’m trying to accomplice a few things with a capsule wardrobe. I’m trying to save money by spending less on clothing every month, simply my day by not having to rummage through my closet to find what I’m going to wear, and feel confident knowing that I love everything in my closet.

When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe I’ve seen anywhere from 15-30 items. Some people who live in a climate where the weather is the same all year may only have 1-2 capsules per year. Since I live in NYC and we have four distinct seasons I’m trying out four capsules. Your capsule wardrobe can also be dictated by your job and other activities. If I were still working in a career where I needed to wear suits or dress in business attire my capsule would look different. Since I work in a creative industry and casual clothing is acceptable in the office so that played into my choices. I went through my old summer clothes and the rule was I had to love it and it had to fit. Items I didn’t care for anymore were donated and I filled in the rest of my items with new clothes that would work well together. The items you chose for your capsule wardrobe should be able to be mixed and matched so you can have different top and bottom combos so choose colors and prints that you love and are versatile. In summer I’m more likely to wear color. My winter wardrobe will probably skew more towards black.

So here’s what I build out for my summer wardrobe: (26 Items Total)

Tops (9 Total)

-1 Tank (green)

-5 Short Sleeve Shirts (white, navy, Tiffany blue, black, and one black and pink print)

-3 3/4 Sleeve Shirts (navy, orange with a floral print, navy and white print)

Bottoms (6 Total)

-1 Pair of Shorts (green)

-2 Pairs of Pants (gray, pink)

-1 Pair of Jeans (boyfriend cut)

-2 Skirts (1 navy midi, 1 black maxi)

Dresses (2 Total)

-1 Casual Floral Printed Sundress

-1 Dressy Tiffany Blue

Outerwear (2 Total)

-2 Open Cardigans (black and gray)

Shoes (7 Total)

-2 Flat (tan ballet, black penny loafers)

-2 Sneakers (gray and green)

-2 Heels (tan t-strap, faux snakeskin)

-1 Sandles (navy and white print)

Most people including myself do not count their workout clothes towards their capsule. I store those separately from my regular clothes including my running shoes. Some people include other accessories in their capsules but I don’t. At some point, I may reduce my jewelry but it has more sentimental value than anything else. We’ll see how this works out and if I can stick with this I’ll report back on my fall wardrobe.



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