365 Project: Recipes 31-45

Here’s the next round of 15 recipes I’ve tried along with my notes and ratings. 45 down and 320 to go.

31: Lemon Sole with Almonds and Thyme 


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox 

Notes: This came out dry didn’t have a ton of flavor. I have a theory though that unless you’re able to get Dover Sole (which the market didn’t have that day) it’s probably better to stick with salmon or some other fish.

Rating: Okay

32. Herb Almond “Cheese” Spread 


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox 

Notes: Faux cheese is probably what will prevent me from becoming vegan. I think meat substitutes are delicious and milk and egg substitutes are fine, but I’ve yet to find a cheese replacement that actually tastes like cheese.

Rating: Okay

33. Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Sage Cream Sauce


Source: Divialicious Recipes 

Notes: This was good, it’s really rich so you get full quickly. If I were to make this again I’d add some almonds for a little more protein.

Rating: Liked

34. Divine Vibration Smoothie


Source: The Plant Power Way 

Notes: I’ve had this cookbook for a couple of years. It’s vegan recipes and one of my favorite sources for juice and smoothie recipes. I always add protein powder which isn’t in the original recipes. This is a very floral shake as it has lavender and rosewater among the ingredients. That isn’t to everyone’s taste but I happen to love floral and herby flavored dishes and beverages.

Rating: LOVED

35.  Stuffed Mushrooms with Quail Eggs 


Source: Bite Delite 

Notes: Quail eggs were on sale so I decided to search for a recipe that called for them. They taste exactly like chicken eggs they’re just smaller. I made this as a little lunch for myself but they’d be a great and easy appetizer for a party.

Rating: Liked

36. Tofu “B”LT 


Source: Food.com 

Notes: I’ve been making vegan bacon for about a year now but this is the first time I could enjoy a BLT since acid reflux had prevented me from enjoying nightshades for a while. I made this with heirloom tomatoes, romaine, and vegan mayo.

Rating: LOVED

37. Black Bean Casserole 


Source: Simple Green Moms

Notes: I followed the recipe but if I were going to make this again I’d probably do half the rice and more beans.

Rating: Okay

38. Zucchini Pancakes 


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox 

Notes: The recipe was correct in that it said these were crispy when you first cook them but if you refrigerate them they’ll get soft so you can use them as a bun substitute on a sandwich.

Rating: LOVED

39. Portobello “Burgers” 


Source: The Plant Power Way 

Notes: This was the easiest version of a portobello burger I’ve ever made. The balsamic vinegar gives it a great flavor. I served this with the leftover zucchini pancakes as a bun.

Rating: LOVED

40. Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies 


Source: The Plant Power Way 

Notes: This was the first time I baked using flaxseed as a substitute for eggs. This would have gotten a love rating except I didn’t like the addition of the dark chocolate it made the cookies too rich, but this was the best peanut butter batter ever. I’d like to try making a batch again without the chocolate and sea salt.

Rating: Liked

41. Seitan Stir Fry 


Source: Dinner Then Dessert 

Notes: I substituted chicken with seitan to make this vegetarian and it was amazing. I like seitan even more than tofu.

Rating: LOVED

42. Roast Plum Toast 


Source: The Green Blossom Kitchen 

Notes: I made this for friends who were staying with me when we needed a quick breakfast before they headed to the airport. It was easy and delicious. I bet this would taste amazing if the goat’s cheese was substituted with almond butter.

Rating: Liked

43. Roast pumpkin chickpea salad 


Source: An Original

Notes: I had an amazing chickpea salad at a restaurant and wanted to make one of my own. I tossed a can of chickpeas that had been washed and drained in pumpkin pie spices. I baked at 350 for an hour. I roasted some tomatoes and tossed those ingredients with lettuce, hearts of palm, and artichoke hearts. I love to experiment in the kitchen and I’ll go back and improve recipes. For this one, I’d substitute the roast tomatoes for sundried tomatoes and the hearts of palm for feta cheese. I made a balsamic vinegarette for the dressing.

Rating: Okay

44.Chocolate Cherry Chia Smoothie 


Source: The Plant Power Way 

Notes: Like the earlier smoothie from this cookbook I added protein powder to this. This also calls for apple juice which I substituted with extra water.

Rating: LOVED

45. Persimmon Ice “Cream” 


Source: Food 52

Notes: This was so easy and a great dessert that’s low in sugar. I substituted coconut milk for almond milk.

Rating: LOVED


365 Project: Recipes 16-30


A couple weeks ago I wrote about my goal of making 365 new (to me) dishes. I’ll be posting every fifteen recipes I complete here along with my notes and ratings.

16. Smoked Eggplant Tahini


Source: Plenty 

Notes: The recipe suggested adding tomatoes and/or cucumbers if you wanted to. I found the cucumbers gave a nice crunch to the dish and the pomegranates the recipe calls for, give a hint of sweetness to cut the smokey taste of the eggplant.

Rating: Liked

17. Radish Salad and Lemon Pasta


Source: Blue Apron

Notes: My sister Esther and I made this together one weeknight. She’s a Blue Apron member. It’s a subscription service that sends you the ingredients¬†and instructions to prepare three dinners for two every week. This was a very simple recipe of pasta seasoned with lemon juice and parmesan. The salad was bibb lettuce, radishes, and shallots. If you are a new cook or someone looking to try new recipes Blue Apron and similar services are great. I decided I’m too bossy for this kind of service, I don’t like being told what I’m having for dinner each week. ūüėČ

Rating: LOVED

18. Pineapple Almond Coconut Protein Shake


Source: Passionately Raw

Notes: I’m a little obsessed with my Nutribullet. Protein shakes are great breakfasts when you’re on the go. Making them yourself only takes a couple of minutes and it takes so much better than prepared drinks. Spirulina is something I discovered this summer and I love it. It is an easy way to add a serving of greens to your protein beverage but it doesn’t overpower the taste of the rest of the ingredients like kale and spinach¬†can. ¬†I made some substitutions for this recipe. I used filtered water instead of coconut water and since I wanted this to be a protein shake vs a smoothie I also added a scoop of Vega One Coconut Almond Protein Powder. I didn’t add stevia because it is sweet enough with the pineapple. I did add some chia seeds which are a great source of fiber.

Rating: LOVED

19. Maple Poached Pears with Mascarpone 


Source: My Recipe Magic 

I love fruit desserts much more than chocolate. This was fantastic and simple to make. I didn’t add the caramel sauce because I found the maple syrup made this dish sweet enough.

Rating: LOVED

20. Mexican Rice Stuffed Peppers 


Source: Everyday Jenny

Notes: This dish takes a little bit of time but despite the multiple steps it was easy. If I wanted to make a vegetarian version I’d either omit the chicken for extra beans or substitute it with ground soy.

Rating: LOVED

21. Mushroom Parcels


Source: Plenty 

Notes: This was easy and made a great presentation. I found the dish to be very rich, though.

Rating: Okay

22. Black Pepper Tofu


Source: Plenty 

Notes: This dish called for green onions which I’m not a huge fan of. Most onions and green bell peppers don’t agree with me so when possible I substitute them with another vegetable. In this instance, I steamed baby broccoli and it was delicious. I served this dish on top of zucchini¬†noodles.

Rating: LOVED

23. White Chocolate Sauce 


Source: The Grant Life 

Notes: My sister Sarah gave me a Nespresso maker for Christmas which has really helped me to cut down on my Starbucks habit. I usually make straight up espresso or a cappuccino but I was craving something a little sweeter so I made this sauce and poured some in the bottom of my cup and topped it off with espresso, foamed milk, and cinnamon.

Rating: Liked

24. Spinach Egg Muffins 


Source: An Original ūüôā

Notes: While I did throw this one together on my own I want to give a shout out to 21 Day Sugar Detox because this is where I first tried my hand at Egg Muffins. They have amazing recipes for low carb apple strudel muffins and broccoli muffins. I was craving some spinach so I sauteed a bag full in a pan with some oil. I blended it in the Nutribullet with eight eggs, half a cup of sweet red peppers, and some salt and pepper to taste. I lined a 12 cup muffin tin with paper liners and spread the batter evenly among the cups and baked at 350 for 25-30 minutes. Make sure if you try this that you use not stick spray both on the tin and a little inside the liners too. Otherwise, the eggs will stick to the paper.

Rating: LOVED

25. Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook

Notes: This recipe calls for coconut milk but I used almond milk instead. When I make protein shakes I tend to use filtered water or almond milk for additional liquid over coconut water, coconut milk, soy milk, or cows milk. This is a taste preference more than anything else. My choice of protein powder is also a taste preference. There are various whey and soy protein powders on the market but I prefer plant based protein powders. For this particular shake, I used Plant Fusion Natural Flavor.

Rating: LOVED

26. Pumpkin Hummus 


Source: Vegetarian Ventures 

Notes: This is a nice twist to your everyday hummus. Next time I’d probably add a little more salt and pepper. It could have used just a little bit more of a kick.

Rating: Liked

27. Braised Balsamic Cabbage 


Source: 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook

Notes: This was very satisfying as a side dish but also as a snack on its own.

Rating: LOVED

28. Buffalo Cauliflower


Source: Miss Frugal Mommy 

Notes: This was a lite alternative to traditional buffalo wings. I served this with carrot and celery sticks.

Rating: Liked

29. Beet Pizza with Veggies and Dip


Source: Runnin Srilankan 

Notes: This is a great low carb snack that spices up serving a plain crudite plate. Instead of green onion dip, I made my own ranch dip. I topped this off with purple cabbage, sweet corn, celery, and bell peppers.

Rating: LOVED

30. Strawberry Grapefruit Ginger Smoothie 


Source: Aggie’s Kitchen

Notes: I subbed out the apple for a¬†banana. I’m starting to warm up to bananas in protein shakes. I was never a huge fan, but I’m trying to get more magnesium in my diet and they’re a great source. I also added a scoop of Vanilla Vega Protein Power.

Rating: Liked





Class Pass


I mentioned that I recently rejoined ClassPass which allows members to take classes at a variety of gyms and studios throughout the city.¬†I had been a member in 2015 and ClassPass was different then. You had access to as many classes as you wanted in a month and could visit any one studio up to three times. ¬†I did it for about six months and left when the prices were going to be raised again. At one point it was $99 for the unlimited plan and I believe it rose to $199 eventually. I left to join a gym that I found through ClassPass. I decided not to renew¬†there because as I mentioned I’m not great about going to the gym just to use the equipment and the classes I was most interested in happened to fall on evenings when I had other commitments¬†or during work hours.¬†

ClassPass has changed and now charges based on how many classes you want to take each month and there are options to add on gym time if you do like to go for some solo workouts. I’m doing the five class a month plan which is great for me. It forces me to take one class a month and I found a particular studio I enjoy that sells a la cart classes so my plan is to take a class there once a week for my cardio and use my ClassPass membership to take some more toning classes and try new workouts. My first dabble with ClassPass is how I got into Yoga which is primarily an at home practice for me now, however, I do occasionally¬†take some classes with instructors I enjoy.

What ClassPass has really done for me is taught me what I like and don’t like in a fitness class. I found that activity wise I enjoy Yoga, Barre, and Dance classes. I don’t really like high-intensity¬†classes or spinning, but I did enjoy water cycling. I also like body positive studios where everyone feels welcome and the instructors are fun and attentive to everyone. I’m including some of the studios I’ve enjoyed the most below so if you live in NYC or are ever visiting and want to take a class this may be helpful. Most of these centers sell one off classes or day passes so you don’t have to be a member to try it out.


Blood Sweat and Tease: They offer really fun cardio and burlesque dance classes.

Broadway Bodies: They offer dance classes to songs from Broadway musicals and pop music. I’m obsessed with their Broadway Cardio class and that is the other weekly course I’m currently taking.


The Lab: Their bounce class shakes pilates up by having a portion of the class take place on trampolines.

Nalini Method: Intense Barre


Abhaya Yoga: Some of their classes feature live music.  Plus you have beautiful views of the city from Brooklyn Bridge Park during your practice.

BeFit NYC: This studio offers dance, yoga, and other classes. I like their late evening classes which are a great way to destress.

Naam Yoga: Most of their classes are Restorative Yoga which is more about releasing stress than sweating. My personal favorite is aromatherapy yoga which is a class where the instructor exposes you to a different essential oil each week.

Upper West Side Yoga: Great Vinyasa classes for all levels. My only complaint is sometimes the classes can be too crowded but the instructors are great. If you’re able to go during an off time¬†when people are typically at work you’ll probably enjoy it more.

West End Health and Fitness: This is a full-service gym but I love their Yoga classes which are Hatha and Vinyasa Flow.


Aqua Studio: I’m not a fan of spinning classes but I loved this one. The bikes are in the water which sounds weird but is gentle on your joints and you realize when you get out of the pool what I good work out you got from the natural resistance caused by water.

Grassroots Fitness: A mix of toning and cardio in intervals. You rotate stations in a small class. I like their classes because I tend to be turned off by intense classes that last for more than 45 minutes but this30-minuteminute class and it goes by fast.

Row House: This is a great upper body workout using row machines.



Couch 2 5K


Running is my cardio of choice and aside from being a free workout, I find it great for clearing my head. ¬†I used to have misconceptions that I wouldn’t ever be able to take up running because I have flat feet, I don’t have a lean figure, and I would never have the stamina for it.

In 2011 I discovered Couch to 5K (C25K) which is a free program that is designed to help someone who has never run be able to complete a 5K in 30 minutes after nine weeks. The way the program works is you do intervals of running and walking to help you build stamina. As you advance through the weeks you do more running and less walking during your workouts.  

There are a variety of apps you can download to help you with the program. Some of the apps are free, but most of the paid ones are under $4.99. I personally went with the NHS C25K podcast which is free to download. I liked the narrator’s voice and the music during the walk/run intervals.¬†

There were times when it was tough, but I stuck with it and now I love running. I even did the next level with is Bridge to 10K. There are additional programs for 10K to half marathon and half marathon to marathon if you have distance goals. I’d like to try the half marathon program at some point, but I don’t know if I want to go beyond that. When I feel off my routine which often happens in the winter if it gets icy or too cold. I’ll go back to the 5K or 10K programs to get back into a rhythm.¬†

If running is something you are thinking about trying then C25K is an accessible way to see if it’s the right sport for you. ¬†