Wanderlust Wednesday: Unique Food and Wine Pairings


While traveling every week isn’t practical for most Mod Spinsters’ budgets or schedules, gals with the wanderlust bug won’t be held back. Living in an incredible city like New York makes it easy to have international culinary adventures on a nightly basis.

Whether you are a metropolitan who loves to eat out or a homebody who enjoys preparing dinner parties that guests will rave about for days, you can travel the world through food and beverages anytime you want.

I love wine and finding the perfect pairing for whatever dish I’m enjoying. There are some cuisines that we don’t necessarily associate with wine, but wine knows no borders. Here are some suggestions for harder to pair meals if you want to include some vino:

Chinese Food: When it comes to Americanized Chinese take-out we typically think of enjoying it with a light domestic beer or a fitting import like Tsingtao. However, Prosecco is a nice alternative and still provides the carbonation that for whatever reason pairs so well with egg rolls and moo shu. If bubbles aren’t your thing a light plum wine is a great choice and complements the flavor of the sweet and spicy sauces in your dishes.  

Mexican Food: Another cuisine that we typically think of enjoying with beer. However, it pairs perfectly with a light red such as Pinot Noir especially is you’re enjoying beef or pork tacos. If you are having a chicken, seafood or vegetable based dish, try Sauvignon Blanc. 

Sushi: While Saki is technically a type of wine it isn’t for everyone’s pallet. If you prefer more traditional type bubbly try a light white like a Pinot Gris that won’t fight with the complex flavors and spices you’re enjoying.

What unusual wine and food pairings do you enjoy?

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