This was a hard week…


This was a hard week for many people. I don’t tend to post about politics or my personal views on certain issues because I hope this site is a space for everyone to feel there is something they can relate to.

No matter what you thought of the election or who you voted for the thing I think that is disturbing to everyone is the increase in reports of racist remarks, bullying, and hate crimes around the country over the past couple days.  I’d like to share what I posted on my personal Facebook account on Wednesday. I keep telling myself this when I feel things are bleak.

“I have refrained from posting this morning because I really didn’t know what to say and was still in shock. Now that I’ve collected my thoughts I need to say this and I’m sorry for the length of this post.

I have a lot of fears and concerns about the outcome last night, but today I need to choose love because I believe that’s what can and well save us. Love is not a feeling…it’s a verb. Verbs are action words and love is an action.

As a woman the past few months have been hard because sexism is more prevalent than I’d like to believe it is in this country and in this century. As a woman I have an obligation to love, support, encourage, and fight for my sisters. There are glass ceilings that still need to be shattered and issues like sexual assault and misogyny that we can’t ignore.

I also realize that I am white, cisgender, straight, and born in this country. I have certain privileges that I know I’m guilty of taking for granted. I owe it to others who don’t benefit from these privileges to join them as an advocate…because BLACK LIVES MATTER, LGBTQI LIVES MATTER! Immigrants built this country and unless you are American Indian your family were immigrants at some point. I also owe it to American Indians to speak louder against the Dakota Pipeline and a multitude of other issues that don’t get as much press.

I grew up in an Interfaith family. Spirituality and religion are something that I continue to explore and struggle with. I’m not a fan of labels but if you really need to give me one I’d say I’m Agnostic with Jewish tendencies and Catholic guilt. Regardless of my personal spiritual beliefs, I was raised to believe that people of all faiths and walks of life should be treated with the same love and respect. I owe it to Muslims to speak out against the prejudice they are currently facing in this country.

As Lin-Manuel Miranda reminded us this June, “Love is love is love is love!” Today I chose love as an action that I need to take.”

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