Mindful Monday: Finding a Safe Space


I’ll be brief today. I don’t really talk politics on this site and don’t want to go down that road because my home is regardless if you consider yourself liberal, conservative, moderate, or whatever if the things I talk about on this site resonate with you that you’ll find this a welcome and safe environment to read and share.

This past week of debates and news surrounding the elections has made me concerned, though. It has become obvious to me that many women don’t feel that all of their spaces are safe. Space can mean anything from physical locations such as work or home, virtual spaces, and even the personal space of one’s body. No matter what your political leanings are I hope you can agree that everyone is entitled to a safe space.

I work hard on making all of my physical environments places that are welcoming and comfortable. I want them to be places where I can just be me. I feel the same way when I’m online. I wanted to share some sites that might be a good fit for you if you are in need of a supportive online community.




What are some of your favorite safe spaces both online and physical?

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