Intro to Essential Oils

Among the various types of yoga classes I’ve been taking over the past 18 months one of my favorites has been aromatherapy yoga. This is a restorative class where one focuses less on flow and sequences and more on the connection between the mind and the body. Poses are often held for longer periods of time, minutes as apposed to seconds. Essential oils are applied to different pressure points on the body depending on the oil and the intention of the practice.

This had led to using essential oils around the house and during meditation practices as well. Here are some of my favorite fragrances and what I use them for.

Clary Sage:  This is one of the first fragrances I was exposed in aromatherapy yoga. It’s supposed to be good for helping gain focus and clarity so I use it in a defuser when I meditate.

Geranium: A friend recommended Geranium oil as a natural repellent for bugs and tics. After a few outdoor excursions this summer I can say that it seemed to work well.

Lavender: This is a calming oil. Sometimes I put it in the defuser if I’m having trouble sleeping. I also use it on pressure points like my forehead, outer ears, and heels to help relieve headaches.

Lemon: What is it about lemon that is so refreshing? I use it with coconut oil and vitamin E as a homemade lotion.

Peppermint: Like lavender this is good for relaxing. It’s perfect to add to a homemade foot lotion and to help relax sore muscles.

What’s your favorite essential oil?


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