Balance and Breathing


Here is another post from the old blog which I’ve updated a bit.

I’ve been taking quite a few Yoga classes since last summer when I started expanding my workout routine and trying new things. While my initial intent for introducing more Yoga into my life was to tone and increase my flexibility. But it has given me much more than that. It has caused me to slow down, breathe, and still my mind. These are things I want to do outside of the yoga studio too.

I’ve always been a busy bee/type A personality, but I am realizing the importance of slowing down and making sure that everything is in balance. I’m the type of person who throws myself into my job full throttle. Caring about your job and wanting to give it 100% is great, but after being laid off from my last job due to downsizing made me realize you can give something your all and still lose it. This makes having a good balance between your full-time job and your other passions important so that you always have a sense of who you are and what you’re worth. I want to make sure I’m balancing out work, wellness, friendships and writing projects out. When I feel like one or more of those areas are neglected I feel off kilter.  

The other side of balance is breathing. This is beyond physical breath. I mentioned in other posts that I wanted to purge unwanted things from my home and redecorate in the throughout the upcoming months. It’s a project I’ve slowly been chipping away at since last year. It is important to make your space an area that reflects who you are and allows you to breathe.  I’ve neglected doing that in the past and it left me feeling off balance, which is why I’m making it a focus now.  

What keeps you balanced?

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