Throwback Thursday: The Updated 90’s Denim Jacket


Okay if you’re part of the MTV generation (term for those of us on the cusp between Gen X and Millennial) you had the obligatory stonewashed jacket in the 90’s. It was probably from The Gap or Old Navy. Since fashion has a way of recycling itself every 20 years those mid 90’s looks are back in. I decided to use this moment in trendiness to display some neglected accessories that have been collecting dust in my drawers.

I mentioned earlier this week that slowly I’m going through categories of things in my home using the Konmari Method of tidying.  If something makes me joyful I keep it. If it doesn’t I thank it and donate it to my local thrift store. I had a stash of buttons and broaches that I don’t often wear anymore. I got rid of many of them, but there were some I just couldn’t part with. Since part of this system of organizing is displaying what you love I invested $25 in a new light blue denim jacked (I love my indigo jacket, but it felt like it wanted to be free of embellishments) and decked it out with all kinds of pins.

I have everything from college pins and buttons from travels, my moms and my girl scout medals, the Monkees buttons I found at a thrift store (I’m still looking for a Mike and Peter to complete the set), and my newly acquired Hillary button…because I’m with her! To top it all off I ironed on a Reptar patch to the back. I just need my Doc Martin’s from high school and I’m all set for a retro look that is very in.

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