Finding Your Shade of Green

Here is one from the archives of the old blog.


Skin tone and coloring play an important part in finding the right shade of lipstick or the right eye shadow. The same is true for finding the right hues to fill your wardrobe with. Today we’ll look at finding your best shade of green.  

Dark Skin:  If you have dark skin you can pull off bright green shades that weigh more towards yellow undertones than blue. The colors would wash out many other skin tones, but if you have a rich complexion you can use lime, avocado, neon, and yellow-green to make a statement. I recommend pairing a top in one of these shades with white pants or capris for a crisp look during the summer.  

Medium Skin: It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if you have olive skin then you can pull off olive green. Earthier tone greens tend to make people with pinkish undertones look yellow, but if you have medium skin these colors will complement you. Aside from olive look for army and moss shades of green.

Fair Skin with Light Hair: If you really want to make a statement kelly green is the perfect pop for blondes or red heads with fair skin. If you want a more subtle look try jade, shamrock, or mint.  

Fair Skin with Dark Hair:  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t pull off green. Having this coloring myself (when my hair is natural), green was a shade I avoided till I discovered emerald green a few years ago. It is now a color I seek out. Another great shade for fair skinned brunettes is hunter.  

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