Mindful Monday: Thank You Fat Pants


I’ve talked in the past about organizing and redecorating my apartment. I’ve been following the methods of Marie Kondo. She encourages people to get rid of things that don’t really bring you joy even if you think you’re holding onto it for sentimental or practical reasons.

I’ve talked in the past about my struggles with weight and my decision to get lap band surgery six years ago. As I experienced rapid weight loss in the beginning it wouldn’t be unusual for me to take most of my wardrobe to a consignment shop every few months to swap out for smaller clothes. I did hang on to one pair of jeans I owned pre-surgery. This is common practice for people who loose a lot of weight. A couple of years after surgery I could fit into one leg of those pants.

As I was doing my most recent closet purge I decided it was time to part with these jeans. They didn’t serve a purpose in my life anymore. One of Ms. Kondo’s suggestions when it comes to parting with things is to thank them before donating or discarding them. So I sat down on my bedroom floor and said a special thank you to these jeans before donating them to my local Housing Works Thrift Store.

“Thank you for fitting me during a time when I didn’t feel I fit into my own body. Thank you for not judging me as you sat on the shelf for six years unworn as I started wearing smaller pants. Thank you for not thinking of me as weak when I got to a certain weight that I felt was too thin for me and I allowed myself to put back on some weight because I felt healthier, happier, and prettier with a few more pounds than I had at that time. Thank you through seeing me through all of this. I know that body image, weight, and self-esteem are things I’m going to have to struggle and deal with for the rest of my life, but that isn’t your problem anymore. I want you to go out and find someone who you fit and hopefully she will be grateful to you too.”

*Some may be offended that I use the word fat and I get it. I became comfortable using the word when I began reading more about body acceptance. A great book if you want to read more about that topic is Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere.  


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