Mindful Monday: Time Can Be on Your Side

If you’re like me you feel you have a million things to do and sometimes you get home from work overwhelmed and instead of getting through that endless list of tasks you pass out on the couch watching Netflix. I’m a little obsessed with time management and finding a healthy balance. For the past few years I’ve used task management tools not just for work projects but for my personal ones too. We live in a busy world and while we will rarely get through everything we think we need to get done we can cut ourselves some slack and try to focus on what’s really important.
Here are some simple tricks that help keep me on track when I have a lot on my plate and help me escape the couch potato rut.  
Plan ahead: Putting out your clothes the night before, packing your lunch for tomorrow before you go to bed, and making your to do list for the next day are easy ways to go to bed with the piece of mind that you won’t forget something important as you’re scrambling to get ready in the morning.  

Multitask: I say this with caution. As someone who was trained to have multiple balls in the air at once this isn’t always the best mode to operate in especially when you’re stressed. Sometimes details get missed and you end up with half assed projects if you aren’t careful. Where this tactic can be helpful is during activities that can easily be done simultaneously. Cooking is a great time to multitask. If you can cook a few meals at one time and freeze them you can be set with most of your dinners and lunches for the week. I also try to clean while listening to audiobooks so I can enjoy a new book while tidying up. 

Have a Plan B: If you organize your time well you can fit in everything that’s important to you into your week. I try to make sure that I don’t let things like exercise fall into the optional category for me. This means planning my time well and being flexible. If I know I need to work late I try to fit in an early gym class. If I have an early morning meeting I try to leave before dark so I can fit in a run. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want to so it’s good to have a backup if things get off schedule. If that morning class gets canceled then I fit in a run or some circut training. If it rains after work then I do some yoga or a fitness video at home. 

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