Mindful Monday: Audio Books


This is going to come across as snobby and perhaps a bit pretentious, but audio books were something I’ve avoided for years. I thought that it was the “lazy person’s” way of reading. I’m a bit old school. I love physical books. I only broke down and bought an e-reader a couple of years ago because even I have to admit that when it comes to travel and commuting on public transit, a Kindle lets you carry multiple books on one device and doesn’t weigh down your handbag the way a hard back does. That being said, I still probably purchase one e-book for every five physical books I buy.

I have a lot of friends who listen to audio books. Most of them don’t live in NYC so I get it. Listening to a book on their drive to work is like me reading on the subway each day. I don’t tend to listen to music or podcasts when I’m out and about. I only play music on my phone when I’m running, although I am plugged into Spotify or NPR when I’m working and I love listening to music at home.

I finally opened to audio books when I was working on some home redecorating projects. I find the TV distracting so I usually listen to music when I’m cleaning or working on pet projects. I was getting stressed out because I love to read and I’ve been looking at my Goodreads list with the syncing feeling that I won’t make it through half the books I want to in my lifetime. I decided why not listen to a book instead of music while taping my bedroom walls for a painting project.  I’m now a convert.

My advice is make sure you can preview your audio book so you know you’ll enjoy the narrator. I think that audio books will now be part of my cleaning routine.

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