Mindful Monday: Going Meatless 

For Mondays on this site I’m choosing to focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness means a variety of things for different people. For me it incompasses feeling healthy in body, mind, and spirit, having self confidence and worth, and keeping life in balance.
In March I made a pledge to give up meat for 30 days to see how I felt and decide if that was a change that I wanted to try and stick with beyond that month. I am an animal lover, but that wasn’t the main motivation behind this change. I kept seafood in my diet and dairy. I have bouts of acid reflux and also was noticing that I felt sluggish after certain meals. I have been working with my doctor and nutritionist on coming up with a lifestyle plan that works for me. I’ve been trying to trust my gut…literally. I found that when I ate meat I felt bloated and fatigued afterwards.
Giving up meat for a month I noticed that I felt less tired and uncomfortable. Eliminating meat also helped me recognize other foods that make me feel this way which are white flour and sugar. I haven’t cut those out completely, but am weaning myself off to consuming less of each. I’ve also been working with my nutritionist on making sure I’m getting the proper nutrients. I’ve taken a multivitamin, calcium, and vitamin D for years. I’ve started taking iron because I am anemic (this was from blood work taken prior to giving up meat) and I also started taking a vitamin B complex because I have a deficiency there too. Lastly I’m taking a probiotic which I really think has made the biggest difference in terms of acid reflux. I’m not a doctor or medical expert. All of these changes in my diet and supplements have been under the supervision of medical professionals. I’ve said it before I don’t think there is one diet or medical answer that works for everyone, you need to find what works for you.
So I’ve stayed with my eliminating meat plan. I eat seafood maybe 1-3 times a week, but aside from that have stuck to a mostly plant based diet. I don’t really miss red meat other than an occasional burger craving, which I try to satisfy with various veggie burgers. I do sometimes want poultry and have found that adding spices and sauces to tofu, seitan, and even certain vegetables placate those desires. I’ve actually had a lot of fun with getting creative in the kitchen and at restaurants and finding meat free options that are delicious and well balanced. I don’t advocate that meatless is for everyone, but at least for now it seems to be making my tummy happier.

One thought on “Mindful Monday: Going Meatless 

  1. I have the same issue with sugar. I eat a sugary item (think: cupcakes!) and immediately feel bad. Instant heartburn, bloating, upset stomach. I’ve been focusing on low sugar, whole foods and have noticed a massive positive difference.

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