Making March Count

Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while. February was rough. I felt sluggish and minor health issues including migraines, acid reflux, and insomnia were becoming major stressors. I found these symptoms were impacting my life. I felt drained of energy and enthusiasm. My doctor determined that there isn’t any other medical issue causing these symptoms so we’re trying different ways to treat them till we find what works.

One thing I was advised to do that would hopefully help with all three problems is making some lifestyle changes. I was told to workout more (I admit that I work out less in the winter) and de-stress by finding a better life balance. I decided to make March about doing just that by following three Ms that I’m setting for myself:

Make: I need to allow myself time to create and it goes beyond writing. I’m setting aside time each week to work on projects like making stationary, cooking and baking, and redecorating. These little bursts of creativity I’m hoping will jumpstart getting out of an artistic rut.

Meatless: Aside from the other health issues plaguing me last month I felt very sluggish. I’ve been toying with the idea of adapting a pescetarian and maybe eventually adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. I decided to make this March the time to try by avoiding meat. I’m still allowing myself to eat seafood. After this month is over I’ll judge how I feel and if this is something I’d like to stick with or now.

Motivation: Being tired is demotivating. I found myself struggling to get myself moving or participating in activities outside of work last month. This month I’m not letting myself make excuses. I’m writing daily quotes on my mirror that I’m posting in Instagram and not letting myself talk myself out of doing things that are really important to me.

We’ll see how this goes. What are you focusing on this month?

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