Lush Henna

In an effort to only purchase products that aren’t tested on animals I started dying my hair with henna last year vs chemical dyes. Aside from the being a kinder product when it comes to animals, henna is gentle on your hair and most companies use packaging that is more environmental friendly too.

I typically buy henna coloring at health food stores, but decided to give Lush a try because I’d read so many positive reviews and I like some of their other products.  Lush Henna Hair Dyes come in four shades. I opted for Caca Marron which is a chestnut brown shade with a slight tint of red.


For those of you who haven’t tried henna before it is more of a process and will take longer than traditional drug store dyes. Lush’s henna comes in a six brick pack. If you have longer hair you’ll need to use multiple bricks. I have a pixie cut so I only needed one.


You’ll either use a double boiler or a bowl in a sauce pan to heat up the henna. When it’s warmed from below you’ll pour some boiling water over it and stir till it’s the consistency of brownie batter. You can add more water if it’s too thick and you’ll want to make sure it’s warm and not scalding hot when you’re ready to apply it.


I recommend  putting balm around your hairline and ears so your skin doesn’t stain and then applying the dye with a brush or gloved hands until it’s even.


You don’t have to wear a cap over your hair but I do mostly so I can work on other things while I’m waiting for the dye to set in. I’ve heard different suggestions for how long to leave henna in, anywhere from one to five hours. I left it in for about two hours before washing it our in the shower with shampoo and conditioner.

I loved the end result it was subtle, but definitely gave my hair a boost in shine and color. If you’re over chemical dyes I recommend trying henna.


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