Committing to Being a More Conscious Shopper

milo BW

I have been trying to live a little more green over the past few years. I do little things like take reusable bags with me to the store and try to find products with minimal packaging. One thing that I hadn’t really paid much attention to is if the products I buy test on animals.

Recently my attention was drawn to this site by Peta and was shocked that a number of brands I use still test on animals. I guess I’ve been living in the ignorance is bliss bubble. I know the argument for animal testing is that isn’t it better to test on animals before people. My counter argument is that we don’t have the same anatomy as a rat or a rabbit and their reaction to chemicals could be different than ours. I should warn you that if you dig around some more on the Peta site you will see extremely graphic images and videos.  What really got to me is that many of the rabbits being tested are the same breed as Milo, my bunny.  

So my next something new is driven by a desire to feel better about where the items I bring into my house come from. This month I’m committing to purging products that were tested on animals and researching kinder brands to replace these items with. I think I’ll have better piece of mind knowing that the items in my home are cruelty free.  

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