Lovely Lists

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Equal to my love of journals and notebooks is my passion for making lists. I don’t know about you, but if a trip to the grocery store is always more productive for me if I write down all my items. I don’t buy things I don’t need and I don’t end up making a second trip because I forgot something.

Lists can be a great tool outside of shopping. I’ve used pro and con lists when making major decisions such as where to go to school, if I should take a job offer or not, etc. I’m also a fan of making top ten lists. If you put a number cap on something it forces you to weed things out and find your true priorities. The top ten list can be a fun activity like discovering narrowing down your favorite albums of all time. It can also be a tool to help you learn what the top things you want out of a job are.

This week I’ll be sharing some of my current top tens on different topics and I’d love to know what you keep lists for.

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