Epic Fails


We’re approaching the New Year which is a time for setting goals and resolutions for what we want to focus on in the short-term. What we often forget to do is look back and how we’ve fallen short in the past. It’s hard to admit our shortcomings, but I think failing can be a good thing. The trick is to learn from the moments when we’ve floundered so we can float in the future.

Here are a few of my epic failures from over the years and the lessons I’ve learned from them.

1.Becoming a musical theater star: This was my dream since I was a kid. I love theater. I figured out when I was in high school though that I didn’t have the vocal range or talent needed to make it on Broadway.

Lesson: It’essential to have passion, but you also need talent.

2. Turning it off: I am horrible at not working when I’m on vacation. I’m always afraid I’ll be seen as not pulling my weight and that something important will slip through the cracks.

Lesson: I’ve learned to find a good balance. I check in most days, but if there if I’m at a huge family event that needs my undivided attention or I’m somewhere with limitted connectivity I let myself off the hook more. I admit I’m a work-a-holic. I always have been, but I’m trying to be better about enjoying other aspects of my life and shutting work off during those times so I don’t miss life going by.

3. Cleaning schedule: I am not a Suzy Homemaker and I never will be. I will never have the immaculately clean home that you see in catalogs and I’ve accepted that. I’ve gone through these phases where I come up with ambitious cleaning schedules that I never end up sticking too.

Lesson: Don’t try to overachieve. I focus on a task a day versus a room a day. It may take longer and my apartment will never be featured in a magazine, but it’s a committment I can stick to.

4. No carb diet: I lost 11 pounds in two weeks, but I felt slugish and like I was sweating bacon fat.

Lesson: My body knows what food it needs. Fad diets don’t work. The key is everything in moderation.

5: Bottling things in: I like to be a peacekeeper so I’m really bad and brining up when someone has hurt me, intentially or unintentially. This causes problems because eventually I’ll hit the last straw. It would have saved so much time to address something when it happens.

Lesson: I try to address things earlier in as nice of a way possible. I’ve also learned to pick my battles.

6. Whereing all white: I will inevitably spill coffee on myself those days.

Lesson: Either refrain from wearing all white or switch to green tea those days because it doesn’t stain.





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