Traditional vs Modern Spinster


Mod Spinster is meant to be a tongue and cheek reference.  As I mentioned in the welcome post I want to turn spinster into a term of empowerment rather than a put-down.  So what makes a mod spinster different than a traditional spinster?  

The profession of spinster was once an elite one, but now anyone with the correct aspirations and motivations can achieve spinster status.   There are a number of stereotypes associated with spinsters, but now that we’re in the 21st-century spinsters have more options than ever.  

For example, spinsters were once synonymous with the term “cat lady”.  I’m happy to report that all pet lovers are now able to live in spinsterly bliss.  I opted for a bunny rabbit however if dogs, birds, snakes, or guinea pigs are up your ally, have at it.  

Most spinsters in literature in the 19th and early 20th century were depicted as being wealthy.  The ones that come to mind for me are Catherine Sloper in Washington Square and Diana’s Aunt Josephine in Anne of Green Gables.  Women of wealth and stature had the luxury of spinsterdom since few ladies held occupations at this time.  Fortunately, for us all being a spinster is no longer a privilege reserved to the wealthy. We now see spinsters in all income brackets, even ones with student loans.   

Spinsters of yesteryear tended to be depicted as not conventionally attractive and with a homely style.  I don’t personally believe that was the case, but fortunately, that myth has been debunked in recent years. Spinsters are hipsters, boho goddesses, and fashionistas too. FullSizeRender (3)The sexiest woman at the party doesn’t have to be in a relationship.  

Above everything else there are more reasons than ever for a woman to choose the spinster life.  The common reasons of yesteryear were because a woman was either relegated to caring for a relative a la Charlotte Vale in Now Voyager or due to heartbreak, see Miss Havisham in Great Expectations. Fortunately, we have less gloomy reasons to elect single status today.  We can choose to focus on careers, remain single because we’re picky and refuse to settle, or because we simply enjoy living alone.

So let us celebrate the strides we’ve made over the years and continue to make progress for future spinsters to come.  

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